I'm an artist living in Frederick, Maryland, specializing in analog photography. I'm drawn to the beauty of vintage cameras, the warmth of film, and the uniquely imperfect nature of each image.

I’ve been been making photographs with instant film since 2009, when friends encouraged me to try using a vintage Polaroid camera. Less than a year later, The Impossible Project invited me to test the first batch of instant film produced in the last remaining Polaroid factory in the Netherlands. My “Rocking Horse” photo was one of the first 49 images to be added to the Impossible Collection (housed in Vienna), which includes work by the world’s top instant photographers, and was on display at Impossible’s gallery space in New York City through December 2010.

Though fine art photography is my focus, I also license images for commercial and editorial use. Please contact me to request a license for your publication or project, or to explore options for creating custom images.

See a partial list of editorial and commercial clients, as well as gallery exhibits and online mentions on the Analog Adventures website.

I often post new work on Flickr, Twitter, and Tumblr. Please feel welcome to connect with me online.

Thanks so much for visiting!